One nation under God, indivisible?

A country that is divided is a land in dire need of church that is united. Unfortunately, a quick scan of my social media feeds cannot hide the appearance that our country is anything but indivisible; but our churches are divided as well.

I have close friends and family members that voted for President Trump. I have friends and family members that voted for the Biden-Harris ticket. I have friends that are no longer friends on social media and I have family members that have made it a spoken rule to not discuss ideologies. Unfortunately, not only is our country broken, I believe our churches are broken in the same way, and I know personally my heart is broken – and it breaks more and more with each quick scan through the posts that fill my social media.

Oh, and those friends and family members on both sides, they are all followers of Christ. Most of them do not hang out on the far right and most of them do not condone the far left. Regardless, they are quick to use false allegations and photoshopped memes from the far right “news sources” or the far left “web sites” to stand on. I am reminded of that song I sang in Sunday School with Ms. Fern Duncan about the wise man building his house on the rock and the foolish man building his house on the sand. I see a lot of houses being built upon sand and as allegations continue to fall down and the finger pointing goes up, those houses not built on truth (I mean like real truth) they are going to come crumbling down. Therefore, I would humbly suggest that it is this division in His church that breaks the heart of God so much more than who you voted for. His bride is divided and instead of us seeking reconciliation which is the very heart of God, we are willfully abusing His bride and fighting without boundaries to prove how right we are -how we voted for the right person and they voted for the wrong person- at the cost of relationships.

As a pastor, it saddens me that people making up our weekend services on Sunday morning can be found worshipping together, encouraging each other, loving on each other (all with masks on and socially distancing of course). But, then when they return to their corners – whether the red corner or the blue corner – they start throwing misinformation and spewing hurtful words toward people that they were just praising God with and are not even aware they are doing so. Of course they are not intentionally calling each other out by name (for the most part), but proclaiming generalized untruths and calling people who voted for this guy being (fill in the blank) or the typing as fast as they can that people who voted for that guy is (fill in the blank). Unknowingly at best, recklessly at worst; they are tearing down and abusing the bride of Christ in the name of patriotism in a world that Christians do not even belong.

That is what an unbelieving post-Christian world finds unbelievable. Take an honest inventory or our current climate. How many boxes can we check off? Do we look like ONE nation? do we look like we are under God? Do we look indivisible? That is a hard sell no matter how much you believe you voted for the right man. We are a better America than what the world is watching. Lets do better because together we flourish; divided we fall.

To all humankind: Be Human & Be Kind

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.“ – John 13:35

Peace and Love – One Saved Wretch

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