Humor me – it is therapeutic

I don’t know about you; but I have been seeing some talk about fraud and the evidence or the lack there of… it fills my social media feed and every channel I turn to… not sure what all that noise is referring to – but – this Razorback game was full of fraud and there is live video evidence for everyone to see.

Foucha comes out of a pile after a fumble – holding the football – after review, no immediate clear recovery. Say what?

Catalon called for targeting though no launching or leading with the crown of the helmet; or even contact with the receiver’s head or shoulder area – after further review, he is ejected. What?

The Auburn crew admitted their participation in the Bo Nix fraudulent fumble – again no clear immediate recovery?! They were sit down for a week. This crew needs to take the weekend off next week as well.

Now, after venting, I know that calling an SEC game is intense – and at the end of the game – the other team had more points than the red team. They won the boot and it is time we move on to focus on the Tigers from the north next week.

Before the game, I had friends that cheer Geaux Tigers as proud and loud as they can – and they are still my friends even after this game was…stolen; I mean won by the other team. Some frustration; most definitely! But No unfriending – No bad mouthing – No ill will wished. Even though I saw the plays and the fraud filled calls after the plays with my own eyes in real time and in slow motion.

Loved the class Coach showed after the game – and love how these Hogs compete with a will and belief they can beat anyone. #WPS

Be Human Be Kind – Stay Classy & Lighten up

Peace and Love – OneSavedWretch

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