My Family

Cassandra and I got married in October of 2005 (yes I know the date – sheesh). When we said “I do” we instantly became a family of four. Ian and Symone became brothers and sisters on that same day (Oct 8 – see told you). Funny thing about the wedding, Cassandra’s daddy walked her down the isle – simple enough right? However, when my father-in-law and my bride approached the front of the little church we got married in he handed her over to the pastor – a black preacher with dreads and 20 years older than either Cassandra or myself! Apparently, Cassandra who is black, left out a small detail when talking with her daddy – that she was marrying a white person! That is when we started living life in black and white.

After a couple years of marriage, we had our third little one – Malachi – in March 2008… March 13, 2008 (I know how you all are about dates). It was a scary time as Malachi was born 5 weeks early and Cassandra had an emergency c-section. The hours after were absolutely nerve wrecking. Malachi was having trouble and trying to make his way to the NICU at a larger hospital 30 minutes away. At the same time, Cassandra had complications in surgery and had lost a ton of blood. By God’s amazing grace, they both came through and Cassandra was able to meet Malachi the day after he was born.

After more than half a decade of living as a family of five – God decided to add a new chapter in our book – Zion (a huge surprise) was born in the summer 2015 (I know, I know June 26). Having a baby in our 40’s has honestly been quite amazing. Zion has kept us feeling younger than we are and is the family’s baby boy.

That is an overview of who I am, who we are, and there is so much more to tell when it comes to blending a family, battling parental alienation, pastoring a church, and leading a family in black and white.